Providing Cost-Effective
Land Clearing Services 

Providing Cost-Effective
Land Clearing Services 

Carolina Clearing has more than two decades of experience in land clearing, brush removal, stump grinding and forestry mulching. We are a team of skilled professionals that use industry-specific equipment to turn logged and forested land into fields and pastures.


Our Process

We improve your land in a single process by grinding trees, stumps, brush and other forestry left overs into the top soil, creating open, usable spaces. 

We clear the land without transporting, burying, or burning.

Small tractor digging land working with land level the ground


Soil with shovel and green bokeh




Our Services

  • Land Clearing
  • Logged Land Improvement
  • Pasture Reclaiming
  • Homesteading Improvement
  • Roughing in Driveways
  • Farmland Conversion
  • Topsoil Tilling and Conditioning
  • Roadside Maintenance
  • Lot Clearing
  • Tilling Brush Bushes Branches and Vines into Mulch and Topsoil
  • Scrub Oak and Vegetation Control
  • Invasive Clearing and Control
  • Tree Cutting Using a Tree Cutter
  • Whole Tree Grinding
  • Soil Conservation
  • Tree Chipping with a Wood Chipper
  • subdivision preparation
  • ATV course building
  • Trail Development
  • Yard Expansion
  • Field Reclaiming
  • Vegetation Management
  • Flail Mowing
  • Wood Chipper
  • Chainsaw Work
  • Fence Line Clearing
  • Storm Damage Clean Up
  • Food Plot Creation
  • Tree Trimming
  • Developing Agriculture, Permaculture and Silviculture
  • Homesteading Improvement
  • Forestry Mastication
  • Brush Cutting with a Brush Cutter
  • Brush Cutting with a Brush Chipper
  • logging mess cleanup
  • snowmobile association maintenance
  • Tree & Stump Removal
  • Tree & Stump Grinding
  • Wood Chipping
  • Tree Removal
  • Kudzu Bittersweet, Black Locust and Bamboo Removal
  • Playground Preparation
  • Forest Conversion
  • Livestock Farming Expansion
  • Brush Hog Bush Hogging Bush Hog Brush Mower, Field Mowing
  • Forestry Mulcher
  • Forestry Mower
  • Site Preparation
  • Property Line Improvement
  • Bush-Hogging with a Bush Hog
  • Deer Hunting and Food Plot Creation
  • Deer Shooting Lane Grinding
  • survey line grinding
  • Forestry Management,
  • Forestry Mowing
  • Forestry Mulching & Tilling
  • Land Mulcher
  • Horse Pasture Preparation and Reseeding
  • Woods Grinding
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Yard Expansion
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Arborist Services
  • Tree Logging
  • Tree Harvesting
  • Orchard Conversion
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Farm Expansion
  • Christmas Tree Site Conversions
  • weed control
  • tick control
  • invasive species management

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